Tomorrow, a week will have passed since we moved into our new apartment in Wauwatosa, and it’s finally starting to feel like a home (rather than a huge cluttered mess)! I cannot count the number of trips we have made to stores and strangers’ houses to accumulate the conglomeration of new and used furniture/appliances that now furnish our apartment.

Our first meal in the apartment. Hooray for Chick-fil-A being open late!

Definitely the most challenging process of the week was installing the washer and dryer set that we purchased off Craigslist from a nice man in Greenfield. You’d think it’s a fairly simple ordeal, but our experience included Jonny getting soaked by a leaking water hose, a mild electrocution (everyone is okay), multiple trips to Home Depot, and hours spent trying to attach the two sides of a disagreeable dryer vent hose.

There is a huge amount of construction going on in the streets surrounding our complex right now, so it’s usually pretty difficult to get in and out. People have said that because there are such long, snowy winters in Wisconsin, all construction gets condensed into the few short summer months of the year. On more than one occasion, I have literally driven laps around the neighborhood trying to find an accessible way into our parking garage!

This week, Jonny also started his orientation at MCW. He’s been making lots of new friends and sitting through all sorts of fun presentations, panels, and preparation activities. Each evening, there has also been optional community building outings, and on Tuesday night we went to the Wisconsin State Fair with some of Jonny’s medical school classmates! We watched some pig racing, stopped to let competition cows cross the road, enjoyed eating the enormous and iconic Wisconsin State Fair cream puffs, and searched unsuccessfully for hurricane potatoes.

While Jonny has been at orientation, I have been making trips all over town in order to stock our kitchen with food and necessities, but mostly food. In addition to the much-needed Costco and Trader Joe’s (the sweetest cashier at TJs gifted me a “welcome to the neighborhood bouquet!), I visited two Asian grocery stores in the area. The first was appropriately named “Asian International Market” and was a small store that carried mostly Vietnamese groceries but also included Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai specialty ingredients. The second store was slightly larger, and I found myself comforted by the familiar smells in the air and sound of Chinese music as I browsed the aisles.

Our first home-cooked dinner in the apartment! …obviously nothing much has changed.

Today we also celebrated Jonny’s “White Coat Ceremony” and his official beginning as a student doctor and medical student. His family arrived last night for the occasion, and so far it seems that they like Milwaukee much more than they thought they would!



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