Today we cancelled our extended stay hotel reservation… because we are moving into our new apartment tomorrow!

By God’s provision, we actually signed the lease for our beautiful 2 bedroom apartment three days ago on August 2nd, our second day of being in Wisconsin. It was a painfully stressful day with logistic complications, typos, endless phone calls, and electronic signing of the lease in the Costco food court, but praise the Lord we got the place!

We will be living in a very safe neighborhood near “The Village“, a lively area of town with restaurants, stores, and plenty of cafes. Jonny and I will both have fairly short commutes to school, and the church we are interested in checking out is also very close.

For the past few days, we’ve been keeping ourselves plenty busy accumulating stuff for our new home. We’ve visited Costco 3 times in the past 3 days, and yesterday, we drove almost 2 hours to make an IKEA run (the closest store is in Schaumburg, IL). We meant to only decide on the furniture we wanted and then have it delivered, but we ended up piling everything successfully into the back of our compact SUV. It was quite a puzzle to accomplish. We also used our newly acquired craigslist/letGo skills (from our summer of selling our stuff) to purchase some affordable and great quality desk chairs and dining chairs, and a Dyson vacuum!


When we were transferring our desk chairs into the building to clear up space in the car, we had to explain ourselves to the very confused hotel front desk person and make sure she understood that we were not stealing their property. You’d be surprised how much stuff can fit into an extended stay hotel room. We probably have about 2.5 car loads now.

There’s more than it looks like there is…

We will be picking up a U-haul tomorrow at 7:30am and should be moving done by the afternoon. It’s rushed, but it’s exciting, and we’ve never moved any other way!

Happy husband with his hard-earned bowl of ramen

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