It’s the end of a very full day, and we feel productive yet pooped. Today, we visited 8 apartments (plus 1 yesterday) from 8:30am to 6:00pm. Since we aren’t too familiar with the area, it was quite disorienting, but I’m pretty sure that we drove at least 5 laps around Wauwatosa, circling the neighborhoods around the MCW. Fortunately, there were definitely a few reasonably priced apartments we liked and could see ourselves living in for the next 4 years! We will post updates when they happen!

Visiting the 7th apartment of the day

We didn’t get a chance to eat lunch until just after 3pm due to the stacked appointments, so we treated ourselves and went to Applebees (yes, it’s exactly the same as California) followed by a bit of mattress shopping. We also explored a few local grocery stores in the area to get an idea of where to shop. I learned that Pick n’ Save is a Safeway equivalent, Outpost Market is kind of like Sprouts, and Metcalfe’s is another local market.

For dinner, we had some surprisingly good Chinese food for dinner at Meiji in Waukesha, where we are currently staying. The prices are definitely a bit on the higher end, but it was so comforting to eat things that were so familiar! Special thanks to Josh and Emily for treating us to our first dinner in Wisconsin. =]


Next came a Target run for laundry detergent which unexpectedly led to a rush to spend $50 on household supplies in the 5 minutes before the store closed because we saw a coupon for $15 off. Heck, we needed all the stuff for our new apartment anyway!

We concluded the day with a grocery shopping trip at 10pm to Woodman’s Market, a Costco-sized grocery store that is open 24/7 for some reason. We picked up some food so that we wouldn’t have to eat out every meal of every day until we got settled in (Jonny gravitated toward the Chobani and Lean Cuisine).

A whole entire aisle devoted to Greek yogurt!

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