Today was our last day on the road, and tonight we finally arrived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

This morning we did a speed tour of Louisville (pronounced “Loo-a-vul”) because we were anxious to get on the road. First, we visited Cherokee Park, one of 18 parks in Louisville designed by Frank Law Olmsted, the “father of American landscape architecture”. It was a huge and beautiful park but we unfortunately didn’t have time to explore the numerous hiking trails there.

We also stopped at Waterfront Park, where we enjoyed the views of the Ohio River (the border between Kentucky and Indiana) on a pleasant bench swing. On the way, we took a small detour to snap a picture in front of the house that Thomas Edison lived in while he was working in Louisville. 

Next we went downtown to see the “world’s largest baseball bat” outside of the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. The bat is 120 feet tall, weighs 68,000 pounds, and is an exact scale replica of Babe Ruth’s Louisville Slugger bat! Across the street, we browsed through Arteatables, a candy shop selling Bourbon truffles made with the brands of Bourbon distilled in Kentucky.

For lunch, we really wanted to try hot chicken, but alas, all the hot chicken restaurants are closed on Mondays! Nevertheless, we got to enjoy some Kentucky fried chicken (chicken that was fried in Kentucky, not KFC), hot honey, and spoonbread (a soft cornbread dish) at The Eagle with our friends Jen and Michael and their baby daughter! It was so enjoyable and encouraging to talk to them about marriage, life in the Midwest, and developing new community.


And then we were off for Wisconsin, our final leg of the road trip. We breezed through Indiana, but we couldn’t help stopping for dinner in the suburbs of Chicago for some much-missed sushi and Korean soft tofu soup. By the way, if you are ever driving around near Chicago, bring plenty of small bills and change because there are toll booths everywhere! I think we paid a total of $10 in tolls at 5 different booths.

When we got to Milwaukee, we immediately went to our first apartment viewing and have plenty more lined up for the next few days.

All thanks to God for our safe travels during the past 12 days. Please pray for us as we search for our new home and start our new school programs!

We will continue using this blog to document our life in Wisconsin, so follow if you’d like!




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